Anima contains a modern and flexible set of applications. These can be separated into two sub-categories. Lightweight User Apps are written in HTML5, sandboxed, integrated with the OS' app launcher and may or may not use system-specific features. Developers of such apps may use whatever UI library they prefer or utilize Anima's own STK. In addition to User Apps, Anima offers a set of highly integrated Core Apps enabling us to provide the best possible user experience on Anima. Most of these latter applications are written in a mixture of Python, Go and JavaScript, and employ either HTML5 or Core Graphics for their front end.

Core Apps

Core Apps are tightly integrated into Anima to provide a coherent user experience.


Scribe is Anima's colorful notification daemon.


Anima's terminal emulator runs directly inside the browser.

App Launcher

App Launcher is Anima's one-stop solution towards managing both PWA's and regular user applications.


Quokka is the heart of Anima. It doubles as a modern browser engine as well as the runtime for User Apps.

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