What is Anima

Anima is a modern, graphical operating system designed around the needs of the modern internet user.

The operating system itself consists of the following architecutral layers:

  • A modern 64 bit kernel (currently, a Linux kernel).
  • Quokka: A browser doubling as application runtime (a fork of Mozilla Firefox).
  • HuX (Heirloom Unix): A low level wrapper library around libc.
  • junior: A high level javascript (ES6/CommonJS) SDK containing all the functionality an app developer may need.
  • Savannah The user interface (analogous with traditional desktop environments), realised through a set of extensions to Quokka.
  • A set of userspace servers controlling the OS and serving as message brokers (think Plan9 plumber).


I’ve always been quite frustrated with the state of existing operating systems. Most of them (with the exception of Chrome OS) are sluggish, include a rather bloated, overly orthodox UI and none of them are doing a particularly good job of engaging the community, let alone breeding new developers.

With Anima I’m trying to create an operating system that is not only easy to use but that will, I hope, also encourage people from all walks of life (be it common users, web designers or professional software developers) to engage in the development of new software.