Code of Conduct


  1. The project creators, lead developers, and the core team constitute the managing members of the project. These members have final say in every decision of the project, technological or otherwise. This includes the ability to overrule previous decisions.

  2. All members have the same opportunities and basic responsibilities within the context of the project. Contributions are an expected (and appreciated) result of your membership on the project.

  3. Authority or position in the project is proportional to the accrued contribution. Seniority must be earned.

  4. Software is evolutionary: Better implementations shall supersede less evolved ones. Technical advantage is the primary metric.

  5. Non-technological topics outside the scope of the project will not be tolerated. This is a space for technological debate and progress, not personal politics.

  6. Personal conflicts will be discussed in a separate space. Disruption of the project is expressly prohibited.

  7. Individual characteristics — including but not limited to body, sex, sexual preferences, race, language, religion, nationality and political preferences — are irrelevant to the scope of the project. They will not be taken into account concerning your contribution to the project.

  8. Discuss or debate the idea, not the person.

  9. If an activity is illegal outside the scope of the project, it is illegal within the scope of the project. This document does not take precedence over governing law.

  10. This Code of Standards governs only the procedures of this project. Activities or objectives outside the scope of this project are irrelevant to the project goals. Purposeful intent to deviate this project from its stated purpose is reason for remedial action.

Remedial action may include but is not limited to the following procedures:

  • If a bug report violates any of the aforestated guidelines, a maintainer should close and lock it, explaining “This issue is in violation of the Code of Standards. Please review it before posting again.” with a link to this document.

  • If a member repeatedly violates the guidelines established in this document, they should be politely warned that continuing to violate the rules may result in being banned from the community. This means revoking access and support to interactions relating directly to the project (issue trackers, chatrooms, forums, in person events, etc.). However, they may continue to use the technology in accordance with its license.

Project participation equates agreement to the Code of Standards.

This document is derived from the Code of Merit (, version 1.0.